Backlog on Firewood Orders Due to TS Fred


*Starting Nov 1, 2021*

Only Kiln-Dried or Green Wood Available


Tropical Storm Fred Sucked!


Flooding in Fletcher NC due to Tropical Storm Fred

And for a lot of our neighbors!

Just a short message to let our customers know that because of high water damage at our firewood processing yard, we had a serious backlog.

The flash flood from Fred really messed with us. No loss of life, thank God. Take at look at the washed out bridge on our property.

Yes due to the high water, we had to quickly dismantle our big (32 foot long) wood processor, Rapido Loco and move it with all our other firewood equipment to higher ground.



The Rapido Loco Wood Processor


Rapido Loco in drier days
Rapido Loco in drier days
Rapido Loco after we drug it to safety

And to make things worst it completely destroyed a connecting bridge from our property to some  of our elderly neighbors … leaving them without emergency access for EMS or fire trucks.

So … long story short,  we are currently rebuilding the access bridge AND working hard to get the Rapido Loco working at top speed … within safety regs. So we’re delivering about 4-5 cords a day.

We’re sorry but crap happens…


BUT we will get your firewood order out to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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