“Firewood Facts”

All about heating or cooking with wood

Did you know that firewood as a source of heating in homes has gained popularity in many areas of the country (including WNC) in recent years?

The US Energy Information Administration estimates that “…About 2.5 million households (2.1%) across the country use wood as the main fuel for home heating, up from 1.9 million households (1.7%) in 2005. An additional 9 million households (7.7%) use wood as a secondary heating fuel.”

This means that the same amount of home heat is produced by firewood as is produced by propane gas, which is slightly less than heat produced by fuel oil.

Firewood is an all natural, sustainable and renewable source of home heating. People have used wood for cooking, for heat, and for light for thousands of years. Wood was the main source of energy for the United States until the mid-1800s.

Yet few modern home owners understand all benefits of using wood for cooking or heating their homes. This is why we created this page.

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