Why Hire Us?

Why Should You Hire Us?


The Natural Timber Firewood Difference

We realize there many choices out there when it comes to selecting a firewood processor. There are many good companies out there that do good work. But most have different business models than ours, however.

Our job is to provide high-quality firewood to home owners, businesses and restaurants – all year long. We have the largest wood processing machine in the area and are one the most reliable and biggest restaurant wood suppliers in Asheville, NC.

Many of our competitors view you or your business as “side money”. Just a quick way to make some “easy money”  at the start of the firewood season.

Here today but gone tomorrow and once their firewood is gone, it’s gone until to the next year. You may have invested a lot of money with these contractors, but they are often just not available when you need them or when you call.

They are either fly-by-night businesses or “winter-only” operations that come and go…

That is the difference between Natural Timber Firewood and the “average firewood guy” or firewood supplier.

We take pride in the work we do and have worked hard to earn a reputation for excellent customer service and we are proud to a trusted Energy Assistance (firewood) supplier for the Eblen Foundation.

It is our job to help you keep a reliable supply of seasoned firewood, ready when you need it, so that your home stays warm or your commercial kitchen keeps running smoothly.

“Quality Firewood Delivered – Fast”

Why Not Get Better Quality Firewood?
• Completely dried in and seasoned,
• Cut to your specs and ready to go,
• Available all year-long, no matter the season,
• Delivered on your schedule, when you want it.


Call Richard Jenkins at 828.230.1165


Asheville firewood processor

So whether you have a small home to heat or a restaurant or commercial operation, once we work with you, we view you as a true client for life – not just as an occasional ‘side-job’.

You can count on us being there for you.  If you have any questions about our Asheville firewood services, call Richard (828.230.1165) or to contact us by email, go here.