Firewood Facts


HOW TO MEASURE FIREWOOD – When is a Cord Not a Cord?

Firewood is typically sold by the cord. Bundles and bags of firewood sold at gas stations, grocery and convenience stores come in various sizes (usually about a cubic foot), but the price for this bundle has little to do with the actual price of a standard cord. You’re paying a premium price for the convenience […]

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2 Ways to Save Money on Your Wood Heat in 2022

  Well, stuff is still hitting the fan … two years of COVID and now inflation bubbling back up. While we have tried to hold the line on prices for our firewood customers, time and diesel fuel costs wait on no man or woman. So how can you save on your firewood heating bills this […]

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Firewood for Home Heating? 3 Great Reasons to Use Wood Heat

  Why Use Wood to Heat Your Home?   There is really nothing quite like coming home to a wood fire. A properly set fire is warm, appealing, comforting and frankly just a little bit romantic. This may be the reason why so many people are not thinking about heating their home using wood this year.  […]

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What is a Cord of Wood?

How big is a cord of wood? …   What is a cord of wood? It’s a surprise to many people that here in the US, a “Cord”  is a unit of measurement defined by law in most states. So here in North Carolina, a cord of wood must legally measure 128 cubic feet. Traditionally, forest rangers and […]

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