2 Ways to Save Money on Your Wood Heat in 2022


Well, stuff is still hitting the fan … two years of COVID and now inflation bubbling back up. While we have tried to hold the line on prices for our firewood customers, time and diesel fuel costs wait on no man or woman.

So how can you save on your firewood heating bills this year?


Save money by coming by our wood yard {The Farm)  at 2 Moonstone Drive (across from Weldon Way) in Fairview, and pick up your own unseasoned or Green firewood.

Green wood is firewood that has been recently cut and therefore has not had an opportunity to fully season ( or completely air dry over the course of several months).

Firewood that is seasoned by natural  evaporation can take as long as 6 to 9 months to air dry. Which means all “green” firewood has a higher internal moisture content (usually about 30%) than “seasoned” wood.

And because green firewood contains more moisture than seasoned wood, it is harder to get it started and to keep going.

So if you buy green wood you should allow it to air dry for several months (to get it below 15% moisture content) before you use it to heat your home.

We strongly recommend that you let all green firewood season before use!

By using green firewood immediately for your home heating:

(1) The moisture in green wood gives off much less heat than kiln-dried or fully seasoned firewood. Green wood uses most of its energy boiling away the moisture inside the wood rather than warming your home.

(2) Green wood creates more creosote as a by-product. Creosote build-ups in chimney flues and wood burning stoves can lead to house fires under the right conditions.

(3) Green wood has no cracks, and the bark is still firmly attached so it is more likely to sizzle or bubble at the edges when it is placed in the fire, causing more flying sparks.

But is you buy green cord wood now, you will have plenty of time for it to dry all spring and summer long … while you save big!

And if you come by the Farm and pick it up yourself, you will save even more!

Green Firewood (Unseasoned)

A full cord = $375
A half cord = $200

A full cord = $350
A half cord = $175
(call or text richard at (828) 230-1165 for appointment)


* Prices subject change without notice due to fuel increases, so call ASAP.

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