Residential Firewood

* ONLY Kiln-Dried Firewood Available  *


Firewood for sale - Heating your home with wood

“Need Firewood to Heat Your Home?”

“What They Don’t Tell You About Heating Your Home with Wood (when you do it all yourself)”

  • Finding quality hardwoods (which makes the best firewood) is harder than you think.
  • It’s not enough to chop wood every week or so. You have to be consistent. You always have to have a steady supply on hand for heating your home, when you need it.
  • You need a ‘backup’ firewood supply in case of power outages or natural disasters.
  • You’d better have a good back & a love of hard physical activity because hauling, cutting and splitting all the wood you need for a season is NOT easy or quick.

“Why Not Save Your Back & Your Free Time!”


Offering fully dry & split firewood for sale

  • Seasoned and dried right – so our logs burn longer and cleaner.
  • All wood professionally cut and split – our logs stack perfectly into your stove or fireplace.
  • All wood delivered directly to your front door – ready to heat your home right away.


“We Only Sell Legal-Size Cords of Locally Grown Hardwoods that are Responsibly Harvested”


Due to Higher Fuel Prices Our Service Area is Limited to Buncombe County Only!

(If you live near Cashiers or Highlands, please contact our friends at Cashiers Firewood about their firewood delivery!)


Our Current Firewood Cord Prices

A full cord is 4ft x 8ft x 4ft  or 128 cubic feet

A half cord is 4ft x 8ft x 2ft or 64 cubic feet


* ONLY Kiln-Dried Firewood Available for Home Heating *

NC CERTIFIED Kiln-Dried Firewood

A full cord = $700
A half cord = $475
A full cord = $675
A half cord = $450



Green Firewood (Unseasoned)

A full cord = $375
A half cord = $200
A full cord = $350
A half cord = $175

Pine & Poplar Firewood (for Backyard Fun)

A full cord = $375
A half cord = $200
A full cord = $300 
A half cord = $150
* The ABOVE prices only include the firewood price and delivery to your home. Due to Insurance & other safety concerns (both yours & ours) …
** Save MONEY by Coming to our wood-yard & picking up your own cord. Please call or TEXT Richard at (828) 230-1165 for an appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Firewood


What is kiln-dried firewood?
Drying firewood (also called seasoned or seasoning wood) reduces the moisture content of the firewood before its use.
Properly dried firewood will burn cleaner and more efficiently with less sparks being thrown.
Traditional air drying is done over the course several months (usually 6 to 9 months). But when firewood drying is done in a kiln, this is called kiln-dried or heat treated wood and will only take a few days for the firewood to be properly dried.
Here in North Carolina, firewood that meets specific state standards can be certified heat-treated. Heat treating kills all the bugs and any mold but we hold our wood higher!
We want our wood be completely seasoned, so we heat it for an additional 71+ hours (approximately 3 days), so it dry all the way to the core.
Difference between Kiln-dried vs. air-dried (naturally seasoned) firewood
First you might have noticed the price. By cord, kiln-dried wood costs a bit more than traditional seasoned wood…this is because of the extra work involved: cutting the wood to fit into the kiln, properly placing the pieces for max moisture reduction, etc.
Second, all of our kiln-dried wood has a moisture content of 15% or less which means it will always catch fire and will burn hotter. Kiln-dried wood is the best choice if you only use your fireplace or wood-burning stove occasionally or in an emergency.
On the other hand, if you plan to heat your home regularly using wood, then our standard seasoned cords might be the best value for you.
What are the benefits of kiln-dried firewood vs. regular seasoned cords?
* The wood’s moisture content is controlled better with kiln drying which means your firewood will always catch fire quicker and burn hotter.
* Kiln drying helps reduce fungi and molds which means you have fewer worries about in-home air quality issues.
* The higher temperatures of kiln drying eliminates insects and larvae which means no surprise “bug visitors”.
* Kiln-dried firewood is dried down to 15% moisture content which means it will burn down constantly and provide more heat.
* Kiln drying has a shorter drying time which means we will have more seasoned firewood ready for you during the wettest weather.
What is Green firewood?
Green wood is firewood that has been recently cut and therefore has not had an opportunity to fully season ( or completely air dry over the course of several months).
As we said before wood that is seasoned by evaporation can take as long as 9 months to air dry. Which means all “green” firewood has a higher internal moisture content (usually about 30%).
And because green firewood contains more moisture than seasoned wood, it is harder to get it started and to keep going.
So if you buy green wood you should allow it to air dry for several months (to get it below 15% moisture content) before you use it to heat your home.
We strongly recommend that you be careful using green firewood immediately for your home heating because: 
(1) The moisture in green wood gives off much less heat than dried or seasoned firewood. Green wood uses most of its energy boiling away the moisture within the wood rather than warming your home.
(2) Green wood creates more creosote as a by-product. Creosote build-ups in chimney flues and wood burning stoves can lead to fires under the right conditions.
(3) Green wood has no cracks, and the bark is still firmly attached so it is more likely to sizzle or bubble at the edges when it is placed in the fire, causing more flying sparks.
Q: Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we do accept credit cards via SQUARE but we will add a 5% service fee to all “collect on delivery” orders.
Q: Do you stack the firewood when you deliver?
Sorry but NO. Due to insurance and liability concerns…we do not stack firewood on your property! 
Q: What size is a full cord of firewood?
In North Carolina the legal size for a cord of wood measures approximately 4 feet x 8 feet x 4 feet or 128 cubic feet. Anything less is not a full cord.
Q: What is the normal length of your split firewood?
The average length of our firewood measures 16 inches.
Q: Will I have to chop my firewood into smaller pieces to get them to fit into my stove or fireplace?
Maybe. And here’s why…
…There are approximately 60 different wood-stove manufacturers in the world and no one know how many different sizes of fireplaces.
The largest wood-stove manufacturer, Hearth & Homes Technologies has over 49 different models!
So frankly there is no way we can split firewood into a “one-size-fits-all” cut that will go into every wood stove or fireplace ever made. 
This means that you may have to occasionally take a maul, an axe or hatchet and chop an already split log into the smaller pieces you want. 
However we can cut logs to a specific length if you want us to … for a price. Please see next question below.
Q: Can you custom cut firewood to length?
Yes, we can. But if you want your firewood cut longer or shorter than 16 inches in length, we will charge you an extra $75 per cord.
This is because our log cutting/splitting machine has to be manually reset (not a super fast or easy task) from our standard 16 inches to your custom size.
Then we have to run a custom order just for you. And afterwards we have reset our machine, again for our other customers. This is why a special-sized cord will cost you more.
Q: Why is your firewood full of bark and junk?
All seasoned firewood when split and cut contains loose bark debris, wood chips and other organic matter. Since we sell by the cord (not by the pound), this will not affect how much wood you get for your money.
Q: Is there a minimum amount of firewood I need to order?

Yes. We only sell firewood by the cord or half-cord, nothing smaller. A lot of people want one of those “bundles” they see at the grocery store for “just in case”.

That’s fine but if you plan on having firewood on hand to heat your home during an emergency, then you might be surprised to learn that one of those bundles will only last an hour or two at most.

So by the time you hand load up enough bundles to keep from freezing when the power goes out … you will have a big EXPENSIVE mess on your hands.

So why not save money, and be a “real” prepper by getting your firewood by the half-cord or cord, delivered right to your front door. And check out the next question!

Q: How long will firewood last (be stored)?

If properly covered (under a roof, or under a tarp) and off the ground, a cord of seasoned firewood can be stored well enough to last 3 to 4 years.

Yes … years!

So even if you think you may have “got too much”, firewood unlike most organic products, takes a long, long, long, long time to decompose.



The prices listed above ONLY includes the cost of the firewood and the delivery of firewood to your home or place of business … Please remember, we will not and do not EVER stack firewood!
* Your delivery will arrive on the day we scheduled, unless there is a problem and we will call you if there is delay.
* We will call the customer before the firewood delivery, just to let you know we’re on the way.
* The customer does not need to be home to accept the delivery of an ORDER PURCHASED ONLINE.
* Please advise us in advance if you have a hidden driveway, special landscaping or low power/utility lines or tree limbs. 
NOTE: While our drivers take special care when delivering your firewood to your home or business, Natural Timber Firewood is NOT responsible for any damage done to a customer’s property, landscaping, driveway or parking lot due to the delivery of bulk firewood using a dump-bed truck to the drop-off location THE customer has specified.

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