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Firewood for Home Heating? 3 Great Reasons to Use Wood Heat


Why Use Wood to Heat Your Home?


There is really nothing quite like coming home to a wood fire. A properly set fire is warm, appealing, comforting and frankly just a little bit romantic.

This may be the reason why so many people are not thinking about heating their home using wood this year.  Below are 3 very good reasons to use firewood to heat your home:

1) Firewood is a renewable energy resource that does not need much processing.

Natural Timber (a Asheville-based Firewood Processor) uses only hardwood trees that have been locally grown and harvested then cuts and splits into cords (sometimes called ‘cordwood’).

Here in Western North Carolina, frequently private land owners as well as commercially managed wood lots provide a sustainable source of hardwood trees used as firewood.

2) Firewood allows many households to be more self-sufficient and secure when it comes to heating during power outages/storms.

Most traditional fireplaces and wood burning stoves don’t require electrical power in order to operate. So with a dry source of firewood nearby, your home can remain warm even in the coldest or wettest months of the year. Not to mention you can also continue to cook and serve warm food plus boil water for drinking or washing! This feature of heating with wood is especially helpful during a natural disaster.

3) Using firewood from a local wood processor creates a double economic benefit.

The first benefit of heating with wood is that it automatically saves on your heating bill and reduces your household budget.  Heating with wood can be very cost effective, even if you only use it for a couple days a week.  And secondly by using a local source of firewood, you circulate more money within the local community. This allows badly needed funds to stay closer to home.


As you see there are several advantages to using firewood for heating. If you have any questions about heating your home using wood, then we invite you to call Richard at (828.230.1165) or Chase at (828.713.3855) for a fast & easy delivery or to schedule a time to pick up a cord in your truck or wagon!. Or feel free email us if you have questions about using firewood.

Need a Reliable Source for Your Firewood?

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