Enjoy Your Fire Pit More: Discover Asheville’s Best Kiln-Dried Firewood

Asheville’s Best Kiln-Dried Firewood?

Sick of battling with stubborn firewood that just won’t light? Or maybe you’re tired of smoke-filled nights – coughing – that should have been comfortable evenings sitting by the fire?

If this sounds like some your experiences, it’s time to upgrade your firewood!

Why not indulge yourself with a roaring fire fueled by clean burning, perfectly split kiln-dried firewood?

We’re so sure that our kiln-dried firewood will light faster and burn hotter, that we invite you to come by and grab a single arm-load and test it out for yourself.  We can also deliver our premium hardwood in bulk cords (and half-cords) directly to your front door .

Fireside Fun using Our Premium Kiln-Dried Firewood

Imagine a hypnotic dance of flames enchanting your evening as you sip your favorite drink, sharing stories and laughter with those you cherish.

Creating a fire should be a very simple and easy thing to do, right? Yet nothing takes the enjoyment out of a building a wood fire as the slow starts and constant flame-outs caused by sub-standard firewood. Why let damp, poor burning firewood steal your precious moments with family and friends?

Here at Natural Timber Firewood, we are committed to giving you the best fire pit experience as possible. That’s why we specialize in producing state-certified, premium kiln-dried firewood.

In our pursuit of the best, we’ve found that kiln-dried splits (firewood sticks) are the only wood that consistently creates the hottest burning fires.

Crafting the Perfect Firewood: The Natural Timber Kiln-Dried Process

Kiln-dried wood isn’t your average seasoned firewood. It’s a product of careful harvesting and crafting, intended to help you get the ultimate firewood for outdoor grilling, cooking or fireside fun.

We handpick superior logs from locally sourced hardwoods, expertly splitting them into 16-inch length pieces, run them through a rotating trommel.

A wood cleaning trommel basically looks to remove all the fine stuff (dirt/mud, gravel, wood chips & splinters) through the fine screen and most of the bigger stuff (loose, bark, kindling and under-size pieces of wood) through a coarse screen.


Then this freshly cut wood (which is still green or unseasoned) is hand stacked into metal wire containers called “kiln baskets”.

Now for the fun part. Each one of our state-of-the-art kilns heat-treats the kiln baskets of green wood to over 260 degrees for two days. Each one of our two kilns has the capacity to dry 12 cords of firewood!

What emerges is firewood that is completely seasoned, with a moisture level of less than 20%, free from insects, mold, mildew, fungi, or pesticides.


Why Kiln-Dried Firewood Out Burns Ordinary Wood

Did you know to create the best fire, your wood needs to have less than 20% moisture content? Anything higher will create the all-too-common hassles of a fire pit that is hard to light, produces a miserable flame, and is always accompanied by a lot dirty smoke and health damaging creosote.

Unfortunately, too many (most?) local firewood suppliers offer wood that is higher than the 20% moisture level.

Why? Simple…

A lot of them opt for a cheaper yet real inefficient seasoning process called air-drying. This means leaving their wood set out to “air dry”, uncovered, exposed to the changing weather conditions, for months on end, hoping get a clean product.

At Natural Timber Firewood, we don’t leave anything to chance, especially the quality of your firewood. We assure you that each piece of wood you receive from us will always be in optimal burning condition and free from pests.

The Overlooked Benefits of Using Kiln-Dried Firewood

  • Instant Ignition: No more waiting around. Our ultra-dry wood ensures your fire starts quickly.
  • Maximum Burn: Get the most out of your fire. Kiln-dried firewood generates the hottest flames using the least amount of wood
  • Cleaner Fires: Enjoy fires with a minimal dirty smoke and creosote, thanks to our wood’s low moisture content.
  • Indoor-friendly: Our wood is free from insects, mold, or fungus, so it’s perfectly safe to store indoors without risking any unwanted guests.

Experience the difference that Natural Timber’s kiln-dried firewood can make. Give us a call at (828) 230-1165 and let us deliver a cord (or two!) of premium kiln-dried firewood directly to your doorstep! Or email us if you want to come by and U-PIC-UP to save money > contact us.

Need a Reliable Source for Your Firewood?

If so then click the link below to view our affordable firewood prices. Order today and get your wood delivered this week. Check our current cord wood prices here...
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