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Backyard Firewood


Pine & Poplar Firewood for Your Backyard

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Pine & Poplar Firewood for Backyard Fun

It is great idea to use a mix of pine and poplar as wood for your fire pits.  Both woods are quick burning and easy to light. Pine is also good to use as kindling when starting  a fire in a BBQ pit or smoker.

Not to mention both poplar and pine smells wonderful when they burn, which can add to the ambience of your outdoor fire.

Nothing beats the coziness and comfort of gathering around the glow of a fire pit in the evening to toast marshmallows or grill hot dogs and sausages.

Ways to use your backyard firewood

Bring in the Crowd before Game Day: : Okay, so you can’t have the whole dang block over but you can light up that bonfire/firepit & burn some burgers and brauts for the fun folks near your house.

Note: Don’t cook directly over an open pine wood flame. Too much sooty smoke. But once the pine burns down a little bit, the sooty smoke goes away and the coals actually work pretty good for cooking!)

Camp Out (sorta): Use your fire pit to start a “camp fire” in your yard to toast marshmallows and tell fun stories.

Romantic Getaway (just the two of you): Lock the youngins’ inside with a movie, start a backyard fire and just take a moment to relax.

Pine & Poplar Firewood — are NOT suitable for home heating!



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While our drivers take special care when delivering your firewood to your home or business, Natural Timber Firewood is NOT responsible for any/all damage done to a customer’s property, driveway or parking lot due to the delivery of bulk firewood where the customer has specified a dump/drop location.


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