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“Need Firewood to Heat Your Home?”

* SUMMER SPECIAL – $200 a Cord *

Firewood for sale - Heating your home with wood


“What They Don’t Tell You About Heating Your Home with Wood (when you do it all yourself)”

  • Finding quality hardwoods (which makes the best firewood) is harder than you think.
  • It’s not enough to chop wood every week or so. You have to be consistent. You always have to have a steady supply on hand for heating your home, when you need it.
  • You need a ‘backup’ firewood supply in case of power outages or natural disasters.
  • You’d better have a good back & a love of hard physical activity because hauling, cutting and splitting all the wood you need for a season is NOT easy or quick.

“Why Not Save Your Back & Your Free Time!”


Offering fully dry & split firewood for sale

  • Seasoned and dried right – so our logs burn longer and cleaner.
  • All wood professionally cut and split – our logs stack perfectly into your stove or fireplace.
  • All wood delivered directly to your front door – ready to heat your home right away.


firewood for sale


“We Only Sell Legal-Size Cords of Locally Grown Hardwoods that are Responsibly Harvested”

Our Current Firewood Prices*


  • Full Cord: $250 – 128 Cubic Feet – delivered*
  • Half-Cord: $175 – 64 Cubic feet – DELIVERED*
  • U- PICKUP lOAD: $200 – depends on Truck Bed size 

* NOTE: These prices only include the firewood and delivery to your home location. Sorrydue to liability concerns…no stacking!

Ready to Get Warm?

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